Dear Pool Friends!

For too many years have passed since anyone has organized a major international competition for women in Europe so we have decided to change this fact. We started to design a women's competition, which would be held in Finland for the first time. Tournament will be open because we don`t want to limit anyone's opportunities to play. We have never organized any such great competition just for women so we would like to inquire in advance whether you have an interest to participate in.

Competition will be held in early August, when there should be no other big tournaments in the calender. The format highly depends of the number of participants, but here is what we had in mind.

Entry fee: 60€
Field: 128
Early rounds: race to 6
32-cup: race to 7
Semi finals and final: race to 8
Dress code: Free (but must have some)
Price money: Includes all entry fees and added money

På blidet over er Marika Poikkijoki (FIN), t.h. og Line Kjørsvik (Stoppball Nidaros BK). Bildet blei tatt under EM i Zagreb 2010. 

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