Dear All,

Please find attached the official invitation with regards to the Euro Tour “Dynamic Spain Open 2010” presented by Showsports. As you can see the invitation doesn’t contain the information about the shuttle service from Alicante Airport to the venue in Benidorm and back. The organizer told us that this information will follow later in a separate mail. As you can also see for this event the hotel obligation rule is valid so please make sure that you send your hotel reservation to me a.s.a.p.

The organizer told me also that after the Euro Tour there is also the 11th edition of the Anniversary CEP 8-Ball Open. The event starts on Sunday morning (after the Euro Tour) and will end on the Tuesday the 07.12.2010 ( see flyer on the EPBF Site). If you want to announce for that event also then you can send us the announcement also. We will make sure that the announcements will be forwarded to the organizer.

Euro Tour Team.