In another 10 days the first ever NBC Nordic Team Cup will take place in Aarhus (DEN). The Danish Billiard Union (DDBU) this year celebrates its 75th anniversary and in view of this the DDBU voluntered to organize this event (together with a few other international events already earlier in the year). The Nordic Team Cup is unique not only because it is held for the first time under the the NBC, but also because of its very special format; each national team is formed out of one male Carom player, one male and one female Pool player, and one male Snooker player. This format for an international event is entirely new! Each team match will consist of four individual matches, and thus a match can be tied at 2-2. In Aarhus the four countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden will first play a round robin format so that all teams have met each other once, and this will then be followed by semi-finals and a final between the two best teams.

Which team will be the favourite team to win the competition? You will be the judge of that! The teams are as follows; Denmark - Dion Nelin (Carom), Kasper Thygesen and Katrine Jensen (Pool), and Gilbert Albertsen (Snooker), Finland - Jussi Tyrkkö (Carom), Aki Heiskanen and Marika Poikkijoki (Pool), and Antti Mannila (Snooker), Norway - Kjell Lillestøl (Carom), Mats Schjetne and Line Kjørsvik (Pool), and Knut Kvaal Pedersen (Snooker), and Sweden - David Pennör (Carom), Andreas Gerwén and Monika Margeta (Pool), and Jimmy Magnusson (Snooker). The event will be held at Aarhus Pool & Billiard Club November 21-22, and the following races will be played: Carom 3-Cushion - a race to 40 points with a maximum of 60 innings, Pool 8-Ball - men and women a race to 8 points, and Snooker - best of 5 frames. Order of play is as follows:

Saturday, November 21

11:30 am 1st round Denmark vs. Finland, Norway vs. Sweden

02:00 pm 2nd round Denmark vs. Sweden, Finland vs. Norway

05:00 pm 3rd round Denmark vs. Norway, Sweden vs. Finland

Sunday, November 22

09:00 am Semi-finals 1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3

12:00 noon Final