Strømmen Biljardklubb has the pleasure of inviting all participants and team leaders of the Nordic Challenge-09 to our tournament Strømmen Invitational!

The tournament will take place in the same poolroom as the Nordic Challenge, and will be arranged in a way that all athletes will be able to take part in both tournaments. Strømmen Invitational will also be open for local players, with a maximum of 64 players in total.

We kindly ask of you to reply which athletes and team leaders that will take part in our tournament, and then at the latest at April 25 2009, so that we know how many local players we can allow to participate.



May 9 – 10, 2009 (Saturday 10.00 – 22.00, Sunday 10.00 – 17.00)


Bowling1, Strømmen Storsenter (same arena as The Nordic Challenge)




8, with handicap 0-5

Entry fee

400,- Norwegian kr (300,- towards the prize fund)

Prize pot

We are expecting a full field of 64 participants, and if so the total prize fund will be amounting to NOK 19.200,-. This would give the following prizes: 1st place: 8.000,-   Runner-up: 4.000,-   3rd-4th: 2.000,-   5th-8th: 800,-

Break rules

Winner breaks, ball in hand behind head string


Double Elimination / Last 16 - Single Elimination


No later than April 25, 2009, to Strømmen Biljardklubb, Bernt Nilsen,, with a copy to