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Fra: Robert Grønlie <jobbe@online.no>
Tema: Sv: 9-ball i Nigeria Dato: 10.12.2009 09:41:33
Streame live kl.2000 ikveld.
Bare registrer deg først!

Fra: Roy Steffensen
Tema: Sv: 9-ball i Nigeria Dato: 10.12.2009 00:05:03
Til dere som har sendt meldinger på facebook o.s.v. og venter på svar, det blir en kvalikturnering i Norge.

Jeg vet foreløpig ikke hvor, når og format.

Fra: Askild 
Tema: Sv: 9-ball i Nigeria Dato: 07.12.2009 23:13:04
Nice1 mr tournament director-)

Fra: Roy Steffensen
Tema: 9-ball i Nigeria Dato: 07.12.2009 20:05:08
Dette ble offentliggjort litt tidligere i dag.

Mer info kommer senere.

Stay tuned :)


World Professional 9 Ball Pool Championship.

The published prize fund will be $320.000. and there is another $40,000 available to fund Rack Running Prize Awards.

The cash prize fund will amount to $288,000 plus we will pay a further $32,000 IN SUBSIDIES to participating players. This takes it up to $320,000 and there is another $40,000 available to fund Rack Running Prize Awards. Targets are - run 11 to win a $40,000 automobile. Run 10 and you get a pair of jetskis and for 9 you will win a luxury cruise for two people.

There is no Entry Fee, So the added money amounts to the figures above.

Everyone gets paid “Check In” money. If you never pot a single ball the you will still collect $700.

There will be 96 players in the field consisting of 32 primary seeds plus 24 secondary seeds including four ladies. The rest of the field is filled out with the Winners of worldwide qualifying tournaments. Schedules are still to be be confirmed but these include tournaments in the USA under the auspices of

The format will be – 64 players will play down to 32. These will play against the 32 seeded players
with the winner going on to the final 64. So unseeded players must win two matches for the Last 64 while seeds only need to win one match to qualify to 64.
This will leave 64 players with a One Win/ One Loss status. They face each other for another chance to stay in the tournament.

All matches at this stage are race to 8 winner breaks. Break from the box. Balls not tapped in.
Set up with wooden rack. Rack your own balls but referee to inspect and approve before rack commences. All 9 Balls must be potted to claim racks.
From last 64 it will be same conditions but sudden death knockout now Round One and Two will be Race to 9. Round Three and Quarter Finals Race to 10. Final and Semi Finals Race to 11,

The TV Production will be handled by Boulder Creek TV and their Associates. They will be providing live content for the major networks in Europe, Asia and Africa.

New presentation of matches with central Camera Pod covering four tables . Two will primarily feature Asian players and two will feature Euro and USA players, Action presented in Golf Style – action from the Tee, Fairway, Green and the Crowd. Circular Commentary box located above Camera Pod with TV Studio at next level up. HD Quality output – see separate equipment list.

Pool Town – an interactive public area for fans to meet and mix with players who will be coaching, playing, giving tips, signing autographs during the whole of the event. Dealer/Vendor Booths are available for advance bookers. The booked space will be charged at a rate of ZERO, ZILCH, NOT ONE THIN DIME. It is free! There may be some nominal basic charges for construction) and all vendors will be required to meet minimum construction standards. That''s it, no catches. Well there is one. Vendors will not sell anything direct to the public. Prospective customers will pay for goods at a central purchase point. They will then be issued with a voucher which they can redeem at the vendor''s stand. Monies owed to vendors will be available the following morning subject to a negotiable commission. This may be as low as 5% or up to 15% depending on goods/services offered.

The Nigerian National 9 Ball Championship will be designated The President''s Cup in homage to President Yar''Adua. This will produce three competitors from the Host Country.

As a curtain raiser to the event there will be an elaborate Opening Ceremony. This will showcase areas of Nigerian culture as well as a Challenge Match between Daryl Peach and Roberto Gomez.
This is a rerun of the 2007 WPA World 9 Ball final and will be staged in the Presidential Villa (Palace) in front of a VIP audience.

The soccer World Cup kicks off five days after the Championship final and celebrity soccer players will be invited to watch the final and we are hoping to stage a Pro Celebrity Pool Tournament.

The tournament will run from 29th May until 6th June and will include a rest day.

All players/officials will leave from Central Continental Hubs – Europe will leave via London Heathrow on , USA – Atlanta, Asia – Singapore.

We have a dedicated travel agency in Houston, TX which will negotiate the best prices for all players and officials. Players are initially responsible for their own tickets/accommodation but will be paid their subsidy prior to departure from above hubs. The hotel is The Hilton Exclusive in Abuja, Nigeria''s new high security capital city.

Sponsorship is in stage payments deposited at The First National Bank of Texas in Houston TX.
The Prize Fund will be deposited in a separate account by 1st March 2010 (3 months prior to the event) and will be released on the signature of myself and one other independent but respected figure in the Billiards industry, thus guaranteeing the Prize Fund in full.

The balance of the sponsorship (running costs) will have been paid prior to the 1st Match

I am grateful to have the support of many influential and trusted people helping me to put this together.

Tournament Promoter – Doug Gordon
Tournament Director - Roy Steffensen
TV Commentary, Publicist and Media Director
TV Commentary Anchor Man - Joey Aguzin

Players participating in the tournament will be granted Membership of the World Professional Pool Players Organisation, the WPPPO. This will be a player driven organisation and all players will be invited to attend a meeting during the rest day. Here they will be given a chance to put their views forward on how they would like the game to progress.
The Board of the WPPPO will consist of five players and three non playing persons.
I will temporarily undertake the role of Chairman and I have invited two other leading industry figure to join me to serve until June 2010. The five players will come from nominations from their fellow players.

The objectives of the WPPPO are not to supplant any existing organisations but to address the fact that players do not have a voice or any input into how their game is run.

There are no membership fees to join the WPPPO and apart from the 96 players playing in Nigeria there will be between 250 and 300 more players who by decree of their playing records would qualify them to be Professional Founder Members.

There will be no sanction fees deducted from Prize Money and all monies from the Last 32 on will be paid into players bank within seven days of the final. Players placed 33 to 96 will receive cash payments before they leave the country.

I have invited Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah, Crown Prince of Brunei to serve as Honary President of the Players Organisation. He will have also been invited by President Yar''Adua to pay a State Visit to Nigeria during the event

There will be a Players List published later this week.

Doug Gordon

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